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Michael Jackson

(27 March 1942 - 30 August 2007)

Time to get a little serious this month as I join (hopefully thousands of) others around the world in celebrating the work of someone I believe was the greatest whisky author to date. Although I've always had a passion for whisky, his "Whisky Companion" was never far from my hands and the way he wrote about whisky was the sole inspirition for my own style of writing and perhaps even for the existence of this website. Welcome to the 6th IWD (27th March 2013):

What's it all about?

International Whisk(e)y Day was officially and originally launched at the Whisky Festival of Northern Netherlands, in the presence of various whisky writers, among whom were Charles MacLean, Dave Broom, Martine Nouet and Helen Arthur. This was an initiative to honour their late friend Michael Jackson and they approached various whisky friends for support.
The official announcement read:

On this date let every whisk(e)y lover annually raise a dram - wherever in the world he or she may be - to honour the many unsung heroes of the past and present, who have been crafting the King O' Drinks for centuries and will hopefully continue to do so until the end of time.

The launch of International Whisk(e)y Day was supported in writing by (in alphabetical order):
Helen Arthur, Dave Broom, Ulf Buxrud, Ian Buxton, David Cox, John Hansell, Albert Heidema, Larry Kass, Jim McEwan, Charles MacLean, Martine Nouet, Dominic Roskrow, Jim Rutledge, David Scheurich, Carolyn Smagalski, Gavin Smith, George Stone, Wouter Wapenaar, Neil Wilson, David Wishart, Ian Wisniewski, Hideo Yamaoka and Ronald Zwartepoorte.

Michael Jackson; An English writer and journalist, and author of several influential books about beer and whisky, he was a regular contributor to most British broadsheets, particularly The Independent and The Observer. Jackson's books have sold over three million copies worldwide and have been translated into eighteen different languages.

He was an important figure in the world of malt whisky and his 1989 book, entitled Michael Jackson's Malt Whisky Companion, is the best-selling book on the subject in the world.

At the time of his death Jackson had been suffering from Parkinson's disease for at least a decade.

Wherever you are, whatever you're doing on March 27th, please spare a thought for Michael and for all those suffering from Parkinson's disease and raise a glass of your favourite dram.

Slàinte Michael (My thanks to the good folk behind the International Day Website for permission to reproduce their contant)




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