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Malt whisky  is one of Scotland's great gifts to the world and is now appreciated by drinkers, enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. I do firmly believe there is a malt whisky to suit every individual taste so if you are someone who professes not to like whisky, I say that you just haven't found 'yours' yet.

Pull up a comfortable chair, sit back and savour the experience that is Malt Whisky

Slàinte Mhath, Keith Wood

"What's my favourite whisky?" The answer is simple; I don't have a single favourite whisky. Or at least not for day-to-day drinking. I like all styles of whisky and will usually select one that suits my mood at the time, or just takes my fancy at that given moment. I've been very lucky to be able to savour some excellent drams in recent years and most of these have now been entered in The Malt Maniacs Monitor, so what better way to display my preferences than to offer a link to my personal "Malt Mileage" profile on The Monitor:

Keith Wood - Malt Maniacs Monitor Profile

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Whisky Collecting - A valuable page?


Whisky is now being collected as well as savoured by enthusiasts across the world which has resulted in some rarer or special editions actually increasing in value. Do you collect? Do you have a possibly rare bottle tucked away in the attic? Would you like to know what your bottle is worth? Or would you just like an idea of what to look out for when adding to your collection?






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