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Most of us appreciate fine chocolate and by the fact that you're visiting this website, I assume you appreciate good whisky too, but can a combination of whisky and chocolate really work? Can these flavours really harmonise rather than one overpowering the other in a gungy cacao mess? I think so, as do various attendees of my recent tastings who had the pleasure of sampling not only some fine drams, but also some of the highest quality chocolates which one could say, were also rather on the unusual side!

Intrigued? Then read on as I attempt to push the boundaries of taste experience further forward by matching master distillers with master chocolatiers.

Slàinte Mhath

Keith Wood

My No. 1 or main partner for chocolate is Frau Franz, of;

A note from the author; for the best experience one should savour the chocolate(s) and whisky 2-3 seconds apart, not together in the mouth.

Masterclass by Whisky Emporium, chocolates by Franz, Domori & Hachez  November 2009;

Adendum to November Masterclass; This masterclass comprised six whiskies, not three as originally reported, but three of the whisky & chocolate pairings didn't quite work out as I expected, so I omitted them from the initial notes. I have now revisited the pairings and found better matches, so the last three whiskies are finally being added.














Masterclass by Whisky Emporium, chocolates by Franz  October 2009;













A Glenfiddich & Chocolate Masterclass by Alois Immoos, including Glenfiddich 21y, 15y Solera Reserve, 18y & 30y

Munich whisky festival (Interwhisky) February 2009

Overall Impression of Master Class: This class was led by Alois Immoos of a leading Swiss chocolate company and yes, this was fine chocolate, but most of the combinations just didn't work.
Whisky & chocolate can work in combination, but they have to be better matched than these were and perhaps more account be taken of the whisky, rather than just showing how good the chocolate is.




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