Writer's Tears


Writer's Tears

Another independent Irish bottling from "The Irishman" stable although it is marketed and distributed under its own identity and not that of "The Irishman".

Pot Still Blend

General whisky characteristics: Smooth, aromatic, light, floral and a hint of lemon




Writer's Tears, Pot Still Blend, 40% ABV

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Glass: Classic Malt

Colour: Rich yellow gold (18ct)

Nose: Soft, gentle and aromatic. It's also slightly perfumed and very reminiscent of heather-coated, gently rolling Irish countryside. After a few minutes I detect some malt and the slightest hint of lavendar.

Palate: Very smooth initially, but developing a little tingle or slight pepperiness on the palate. It's very aromatic and floral malt with a faint suggestion of lemon right at the end.

Finish: Long and gentle with a hint of lemon.

Overall Impression: Very pleasant, in fact a very good whiskey. It's an Irish caress with a slight lemon twist right at the end.



Writer's Tears, Cask Strength Pot Still Whiskey, 53% ABV

Bottled 2011, limited edition, bottle No.784 of 1200

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Glass: Classic Malt

Colour: Pale gold

Nose: Initial hints of slightly floral malt steadily give way to some very aromatic sea-air freshness and a hint of fruit (raspberry) which fades quickly to be replaced by malty butterscotch. Very nice indeed, but all very slow, smooth and gently sophisticated.

Palate: A quick burst of leafiness soon expands across the palate with honey and creamy toffee.

With 4 drops of water: The floral elements of the nose are intensified but the palate considerably weakened to the point where I think it's better overall without the water.

Finish: Long and smooth, longer and more peppery with the water.

Overall Impression: Very nice indeed, but as I mentioned; even though the nose seems to improve with just 4 drops of better the palate suffers, so in my opinion forget the water, but the whiskey is truly marvellous anyway.









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