Teeling Whiskey Company


Teeling Whiskey Company

Following his sale of the Cooley distillery to Beam Inc. in January 2012 Jack Teeling has now founded The Teeling Whiskey Company where his stated mission is to create Irish whiskeys with greater depth and character than the norm.




Teeling Whiskey, Rum Cask, small batch, 46% ABV

Typical cost of this bottle;


Glass: Classic Malt

Colour: Very pale yellow gold

This has a slightly dry character with hints of single cask, quality (also dry-ish) rum. With time in the glass it becomes slightly sweeter, but never very much so. With further time hints of malty biscuit develop to round off the experience

Palate: A very nice creamy mouth-feel here and it's definitely sweeter than the nose suggested. For me this exudes typical Irish smoothness and gentleness alongside a suggestion of dry rum.

Finish: Long and really quite fruity.

Overall Impression: Yet another very different Irish whiskey which works very well, I like it, lots.




Teeling Whiskey, 21y, 1991, Double distilled single malt, 46% abv

Vintage Reserve Collection, finsihed in Sauternes casks

Typical cost of this bottle; unknown


Glass: Classic Malt

Colour: Light cork

This begins with some light farmy notes but soon expands to include a wonderful fruitiness reminiscent of banana, peach, cantaloupe melon and even blueberry. This fruitiness intensifies with time.

Palate: Just continues from where the nose left off with a very smooth mouth-feel and offering all the fruitiness promised by the nose. In fact the blueberry notes are definitely most prominent and continue into the finish.

Finish: Medium to long and fruity.

Overall Impression: Yet another string to the bow of Irish whiskey and a rather excellent one too.









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