Old Hobart


Old Hobart distillery

Region: Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Old Hobart distillery is a small, family owned craft distillery run by Casey Overeem and located, as the name suggests in Hobart, Tasmania. They use traditional copper pot stills and mature their spirit primarily in 100 litre casks.

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Overeem, Cask OHD-005, 43% ABV

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Glass: Classic Malt

Colour: Glowing golden

Nose: Intially expounds with aromatic fruitiness before expanding to include leafy hay or straw with hints of vanilla. It's now really quite farmy in character but in a very nice way. Yes, hay, straw, perhaps even farmyard barn and lots of fruitiness.

Palate: This
really concentrates on the fruitiness with lots of peachiness and warming redcurrant alongside vanilla.

Finish: Long, gentle and mild.

Overall Impression:
This is a very fruity, gentle and mild whisky. A summer delight.









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