Cooper's Choice & O'Neill's Choice

"OA" & "Laggan Mill"



OA is the name of an Islay bottling from Andy McNeill, also well known for his Cooper's Choice and McNeill's Choice bottlings.

This particular bottling is named after the OA rock off the Southern coast of Islay and is currently available as  40% nad 58% versions.




OA 5y, 58%

Islay single malt Scotch whisky

Original cost of this bottle;


Glass: Munich whisky fair

Colour: Honey, light amber

Nose: Very smoky with lots of summer fruits (peach, apricot). After some minutes in the glass this turns predominently to wood-smoke.

Palate: Very light for its 58% and what I can best describe as "fruit, sweat and tears" with a background of fruity bilge pumps, all in a nice way.

With 4 drops of water: Lighter and fruitier on both nose and palate.

Finish: Long and fruity, with an emphasis on the fruity.

Overall Impression: A real surprise for a 58% 5y Islay whisky, this is very good and most enjoyable without the harshness seen in some so young.





OA, 40%

Islay single malt Scotch whisky

Original cost of this bottle;


Glass: Classic Malt

Colour: Glowing pale amber

Nose: Smoky, peaty, fruity and mild hints of fishiness. After a few minutes in the glass the fruitiness fades giving way to more of that smoky fishiness.

Palate: Warming, mildly fruity and quite smoky but it's all rather watery.

Finish: Short to medium.

Overall Impression: Really enjoyable aromas and flavours, typical Islay but it is rather watery at 40%.





Coopers Choice, "Laggan Mill 1994", 13y, 56.6%

I understand this is a Lagavulin

Original cost of this bottle:


Glass: Classic Malt

Colour: Light amber / dark oak

Nose: Deep peat bog and very earthy with lots of briny Atlantic character too. Then comes slightly scorched wood and just a hint, nay a pleasant reminder of finest quality green welly!

Palate:  Sweet earthy peat with plenty of raspberry. There's almost a roasted onoin character here too.

With 4 drops of water: The nose and palate are both sweeter and peatier, but the palate is also softer and creamier.

Finish. Long and fruity but with a slight suggestion of slightly roasted onoin!

Overall impression: Onion? Yes, but this is marvellous stuff! I love the depth of flavours and I really can't believe this is anything other than a Lagavulin. A very good one.










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