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Millburn distillery

Region: Highlands

Location: Millburn Road, Inverness

Status: Closed (closed in 1985, dismantled in 1988)

General whisky characteristics: Aromatic with fruit and floral notes, sometimes spicy and smoky

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Independent Bottlers

D. Laing, Millburn,  36y, distilled 1969, 50% ABV

Typical cost of this bottle;

Old Malt Cask (the photo is a typical OMC presentation and not this Millburn)


Nose: Fresh apple crumble on a bed of floral hay with just a touch of perfume

Palate: That apple crumble in the nose makes an immediate appearance, but is rapidly joined by spicy pears and vanilla sauce. There is almost a hint of cinnamon in the mix too.

Finish: Very long.

Overall Impression: Thoroughly enjoyable, I like this!



Millburn 1972-2006

G&M 46% abv


Glass: Classic Malt

Colour: Extremely pale, almost water-like

The nose begins with an almost chemical or perhaps tin-like quality which doesn't bode too well but let's give it some time ...... Yes, that's better as those initial notes fade and are replaced with a hint of slightly over-ripe green apples and maybe even pears. Something biscuity too .... Hovis biscuits in fact which are something I love. Further development offers a suggestion of mild mountain (Alpine) cheese. Definitely worth giving this one a little extra time.

Those apples, but this time stewed rather than over-ripe and raw reappear on the palate with an undoubted creaminess or softness. Perhaps stewed apples served with custard and a hint of dates? Creamy with a suggestion of apple is a quite typical characteristic of Millburn for me. Nice.

The finish is long and again offers a suggestion of creaminess.

My overall impression is one of a dram needing some time to develop to avoid disappointment. It turned from offering some unwanted chemical tinny qualities to an almost typical Millburn. It may not be stunning or greatly memorable but it surely is a good gentle warming whisky for a winter's evening.



Millburn 1971

Speymalt 40% abv


Glass: Classic Malt

Colour is pale yellow, perhaps almost like 9ct gold.

The nose is initially warming and welcoming with definitie floral qualities, perhaps a little more herbal than rose garden as it suggests mild lavendar, basil and even hints of lime tree blossom. After a few minutes in the glass this turns more into a richer offering with gentle aromas of leather and oak.

The palate is more subdued than the impressive nose and offers those gentle qualities of leather and oak, perhaps even with a suggestion of roast beef. In fact the long finish dwells on the roast beef-iness in a delightful Sunday lunch kind of way.

My overall impression here is one of a great and intense floral or herbal delight on the nose but with a much more earthy palate, even if a bit subdued in intensity and perhaps not quite delivering upon the promises of the nose.










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