Milford distillery

Region: New Zealand

A little history: Willowbank, the world's Souther-most distillery was founded in the 1960's and produced a single malt called Lammerlaw from 1984, after previously producing only blends. Production ended in 1997 and the distillery dismantled in 1999. The New Zealand Malt Whisky Co. purchased all remaining stock and the 'Milford' and 'Prestons' brands were created to market the whisky.

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General whisky characteristics: Toffee, apple, banana (Bonfire Night!)




Milford, 10y, 43% ABV

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Nose: Not quite as flowery as when opened the day before, but still has lots of banana, toffee, choclate and a little sea air.

Palate: Bonfire night in the UK. Oh boy, back to my childhood again! Smooth toffee followed quickly by lots of banana. This is not what I would call pure banana, but think of a fruit shop where you see lots of bunches of banana and you want to buy some, but not a full bunch, so you break three or four from the bunch. As you break the stems, a specific type of banana aroma is released. This is the banana aroma / taste of Milford 10.

With water: This has now totally changed. It has a little smoke and a sharper taste, a little more spicy.

Overall Impression: I love it, but without water please. In my notes I talked about bonfire night. This is 5th November in the UK when we celebrate one of England's great failures; That of Guy Fawkes trying to blow up Parliament. To celebrate, we hold bonfires all over the country and this is the one day when it is legal to let off fireworks. As a child, this was a big event for my family. We had a massive bonfire in the garden and invited lots of friends. The typical food served on bonfire night is a selection of soups, baked potatoes and home-made toffees and ginger cakes. With the unique toffee and banana falvours. This Milford 10 immediately transported me back to Nov. 5th as a child, sitting around a burning fire, watching fireworks and eating wonderful toffee apples, gingerbread men and other similar delights. Did I say "I love it"










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