Mannochmore / Loch Dhu


Mannochmore distillery is located in the Speyside town of Elgin, Morayshire and was founded as recently as 1971 by John Haig & Co. who built it alongside the Glenlossie distillery.

Sadly the distillery was mothballed between 1985-89 and again for a short while in 1995.

John Haig is owned by Diageo and Mannochmore is run under their UDV subsidiary.

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Distillery photo with kind permission by Teimei Horiuchi




Mannochmore (IB)


General whisky characteristics: Fragrant dark fruits and nuts


G&M 'CC', Mannochmore, 1984-2001, 40% ABV

Typical cost of this bottle;


Glass: Spiegelau

Colour: Rich, dark polished old oak

Nose: Prunes and raisins with rich nuts marinated in fragrant, high quality furniture polish

Palate: Smooth and rich, but at the same time far from overpowering. This is obviously a sherry cask but not a sherry bomb. Fragrant Christmas cake.

Finish: Medium to long and offering light marzipan with icing.

Overall Impression: A very fragrant and one of the lighter sherried drams, but really very enjoyable.





Loch Dhu


A one-off experiment with a black whisky from Mannochmore.


Loch Dhu, 10y, 40% ABV

Typical cost of this bottle; Originally now to


Glass: Classic Malt

Colour: Black.

Nose: Initially a not too complex mixture of treacle toffee and tarmac. After some minutes this is joined by slightly sweet ashtray.

Palate: Thin and watery with very little flavour initially, but this kind of grows, or should I say expands into burnt coffee beans wrapped in used tobacco, pretending to taste like mocca with sour molasses on the side.

Finish: Annoyingly long after a very slow start.

Overall Impression: Been there, done that. Anyone wish to swap .. well .... errmmm anything for the remaining sample? Please!











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