As you can see from the pictures; Huntly distillery hasn't as yet been built and, sadly, I'm beginning to suspect it may never be.

Huntly was a dream of some within Duncan Taylor and the plan was to convert, or should I say rebuild, these buildings alongside their existing warehousing in Huntly, Aberdeenshire.

I'm now hearing that this project may not be at the forefront of Duncan Taylor's immediate plans and may not go ahead within the foreseeable future, but I'll keep you updated as and when I hear any more news.


Above distillery photo with kind permission by Teun van Wel


Here are a couple more pictures (below) thanks to Stefen BrŁuner




Update June 2013 It has now been announced that the site will be cleared and made ready for redevelopment to build the distillery. Apparently the lack of progress was due to a rare breed of bats occupying the old buildings. The bats have moved on and work can now commence.







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