Hankey Bannister


Hankey Bannister & Co. was founded in 1757 when Messrs Hankey & Bannister joined together in London and created a venture to offer the finest wines and spirits to London Society.

The Hankey Bannister brand is now owned by Inver House Distillers who also own Balblair, Balmenach, Knockdhu, Pulteney & Speyburn distilleries.


The range of Hankey Bannister blends includes the Original, 12y Regency, 21y & 40y wih the 40y variant being specially created to celebrate the 250th Anniversary of Hankey Bannister & Co.




Hankey Bannister Original

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Dram-atics Advent-urous live review


Glass: Classic Malt

Colour: Bright gold, light amber

Nose: Initially very grainy with some leafiness followed by a background of light chestnuts.

Palate: Very smooth with lightly perfumed hay and grasses before a hint of malty popcorn and honey appear to lead the way into the finish.

Finish: Long, maybe even very long.

Overall Impression: As an entry-level blend by Inver House this is excellent value for money and a very pleasant whisky too. I am told it comprises 30% single malts, primarily from Balblair, but also with offerings from Balmenach and Knockdhu. The other 70% comprises grain whisky from North British & Port Dundas.



Hankey Bannister 12y 'Regency'

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Dram-atics Advent-urous live review


Glass: Classic Malt

Colour: Sunny amber

Nose: Fresh and intense with sweet aged oak, a hint of green apple and some vanilla.

Palate: Smooth and rich, but in a very gentle kind of way with creamy toffee, more of that oak and a suggestion of figs.

Finish: Rich and long with a slight bitterness right at the end.

Overall Impression: A most enjoyable, aromatically rich blend.



Hankey Bannister 40y, 43.3% abv

Celebrating 250 years of Hankey Bannister & Co.

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Dram-atics Advent-urous live review


Glass: Classic Malt

Colour: Rich deep amber

Nose: Extremely aromatic with highly perfumed and well polished aged oak. There are plenty of spices in here too and a suggestion of something sligthly citrus which I identify as lime tree blossom.

Palate: A masterclass in smoothness! Lots of rich aged oak, dark fruits (black cherries and raisins, possibly marinated in tawny port) and then dark chocolate infused with oil of orange which leads into the finish.

Finish: Very rich and very satisfyingly long.

Overall Impression: An absolute delight, especially the richness and orange-infused chocolate.



Hankey Bannister 5y, 40% abv

An old bottling believed to be from the 1970's

Original cost of this bottle; Unknown but almost certainly

Dram-atics Bring a Blend 2021 review


Glass: Classic Malt

Colour: Rich dark golden, light amber

Nose: Initially some musty sherry notes with some exotic fruitiness reminding me of mango and maybe peach. I also detect some sweet woodiness.

Palate: Rich, mouth-coating and filling with a distinct smoothness on the palate. Here on the palate the fruitiness reminds me more of banana stem.

Finish: Medium length

Overall Impression: A delightful whisky in itself but when I see this is a mere 5 years old I'm stunned. No 5y whisky should taste anything like as good as this does. Yes, delightful and stunningly good for 5y.











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