Information: Ellenstown is an Independent bottling of Islay single malt whisky. The first bottling is a 10y single malt which has no distillery identification on the label. I understand that a 12y bottling has now been released which is possibly from a different (Islay) distillery, although still bottled under the Ellenstown label.

For this reason, although I would normally include IB bottlings in the relevant distillery pages, I am keeping all Ellenstown editions that I review here on this one page, as it would be innacurate and presumptious of me to do otherwise.




Ellenstown, Islay Single Malt Whisky, 10y, 58% ABV

Typical cost of this bottle;


Glass; Classic Malt

Colour; Pale gold, quite yellow

Nose: Some alcohol burn (well it is 58%), lots of Atlantic air and a generous hint of peat.

Palate: Solid mouth-feel, rich peat and hints of the Atlantic, but it still has over-riding alcohol and needs water.

With 3 drops of water: The nose is much lighter and fresher. The palate is smoother but with a little more spicy peat and the beginnings of fruit development.

With 3 more drops: More fruit (apple & star fruit) on the nose. The palate is sweeter, but still with a good mixture of apple and peat.

Finish; Long, slightly sweet and lots of fruity peat.

Overall Impression: When an undetermined Islay (IB) comes onto the market there is always much discussion as to which distillery it is from. The label says only 10y Single Malt Islay whisky at cask strength (58%). The concensus of opinion says it's an Ardbeg but when I first nosed this one my immediate thought was Caol Ila. This thought soon changed to Ardbeg when I tasted it as it really has the typical characteristics of Ardbeg, but in my opinion of the Pre-Glenmorangie Ardbegs as the newer variants have much more eucalyptus and pine than this one. But that's just my opinion. Is it any good? You bet it is, a typically good 10y CS Ardbeg which needs some water and it will reward accordingly.










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