Daftmill distillery is a true 'Farm Distillery' located on Daftmill Farm, Cupar, Fife.

The Cuthbert family are proud that they have grown malting barley on their farm for six generations, along with their barley they also grow potatoes and keep a herd of beef cattle.

In 2003 Francis & Ian Cuthbert applied for a license to convert their old mill buildings, dating back to Napoleonic times, into a distillery.


The license was granted, quite appropriately, on St. Andrew's Day 2005.

The name Daftmill comes from the local stream which, thanks to an optical illusion caused by local topography, appears to run uphill and was named the 'daft burn' by locals. Obviously the mill was thence known as Daft Mill".

I have had the pleasure of trying some new make from Daftmill, but Francis Cuthbert, a whisky connoisseur, says he will not bottle Daftmill whisky "until it is ready!" I await with anticipation and will keep you informed.

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Distillery photos with kind permission by Alan Jamieson




Daftmill, New Spirit, 28.12.2005, 73.2% ABV

Typical cost of this bottle; Not for resale


Glass: Classic Malt

Colour: Clear, like water

Nose: Spirit

Palate: Slightly floral spirit.

With 5 drops of water: Slightly weaker spirit.

With lots more water: Watery spirit.

Finish: Extremely long, almost never-ending with water.

Overall Impression: Spirit, lots of it. I'm tempted to say rocket fuel, but I never tasted rocket fuel, although I feel it could be used as such. Fly me to the Moon!










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