Cotswolds distillery is located in Stourton in the beautiful Cotwolds region of England from whence it takes its name.

Daniel Szor is the founder and CEO of the distillery which opened in 2014. His idea to open a distillery came from looking out at his neighbour's fields planted with barley and wondering why nobody had opened a distillery in that lovely part of the world.

Cotswolds distillery proudly sticks to the traditional manual methods of whisky production doing everything by hand without the aid of computers.






Photos supplied by and with kind permission of Cotswolds Distillery


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Cotswolds, New Make,  48% ABV

Original cost of this bottle; festival sample, not for sale.


Glass: Classic Malt

Colour: Clear

Nose: A stringent fruitiness akin to a Schnaps (Obstler, so mainly pear & apple).

Palate: Definitely reminiscent of a pear schnaps.

Finish: Medium.

Overall Impression: Nice to experience a new make from this new distillery. It's fruity and rather good.





Cotswolds, Cask Sample,  61.5% ABV

Barrel #221, Aged 2 yrs 51 wks

Original cost of this bottle; cask sample, not for sale.


Glass: Classic Malt

Colour: Pale yellow gold

Nose: My first thoughts are of furniture polish, could this be a sherry cask? Now suggestions of a creaminess - creme brulée along side something meaty and herbal, perhaps roast pork?

Palate: Pretty well just like the nose with that meaty herbal character but also exhibiting a pepperiness.

Finish: Long

Overall Impression: I just love the character of this almost whisky.





Cotswolds, 04/2017, Single Malt

Odyssey barley, one of 10800 bottles

First fill oak barrels.

Original cost of this bottle; €€€€€


Glass: Classic Malt

Colour: Pale and shiny yellow gold

Nose: Initially a creamy warming sensation followed by a distinct fruitiness reminding me of peach. There's also a suggestion of wood and an extremely light smokiness in the background.

Palate: Warming and peppery as it spreads across the palate but also suggesting that fruitiness which now seems like peach and apricot.

Finish: Long and fruity.

Overall Impression: Delightfully warming and fruity.









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