Coleburn distillery was located close to Elgin, Morayshire (Speyside) and was founded in 1897 by John Robertson & Sons.

Unfortunately they closed the distillery in 1913 and sold it in 1916 to The Clynelish DIst. Co., however, in 1917 the license to distill was sold to a subsidiary of DCL.

DCL finally united the distillery and license to operate in 1930 and transferred the operation to SMD who eventually evolved into Diageo.

Sadly DCL closed the distillery in 1985.


Distillery photo with kind permission by Teimei Horiuchi


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  Coleburn (OB)

General whisky characteristics: Light, herbal, floral. Needs time.


Coleburn, Rare Malts,, 21y, distilled 1979, 59.4% ABV

Bottle No.4374

Typical cost of this bottle; Unknown, now a collectible


Glass: Classic Malt

Colour: Bright and sunny (9ct) yellow gold

Nose: Creamy custard (vanilla sauce) with hints of green apple. Almost apple crumble served with custard. After some 5 minutes the fruity intensity fades and a light woodiness begins to develop. This is followed by a light grassiness and after a further 5 minutes a faint leatheriness develops.

Palate: Creamy, very creamy mouth-feel and lots of vanilla and grassiness. This is also very warming on the front of the palate.

With 4 drops of water: The nose has much more fruitiness with raspberry and kiwi being predominant. There are also some light floral notes developing. The palate has much more vanilla and woodiness.

Finish: Long and creamy, shorter with water.

Overall Impression: A very enjoyable whisky which needs time and just a few drops of water.




  Coleburn (IB)    

Whisky Agency, Coleburn, 26y, distilled 1983, bottled 2009, 49.5% ABV

Typical cost of this bottle; originally


Glass: Spiegelau

Colour: Extremely pale yellow

Nose: I have been advised that this one needs time, lots of time. So here goes; Initially very weak but slightly aromatic and very faintly smoky. After 10 minutes this is beginning to expand and fill the glass with aromatic grasses and faint leather. After 30 minutes this is till quite faint, but elements of herbs and flora are definitely emerging. After around 40 minutes in my Spiegelau glass this now seems to have evened out and has a very aromatic nose reminiscent of a Spring-time Alpine meadow in the fresh mountain air.

Palate: Fresh, grassy and slightly herbal.

With 3 drops of water: The nose is sligthly more complex and floral. The palate is even smoother and adds just a hint of smoke to the herbs.

Finish: Medium to long. Even longer with the drops of water. Slightly dry at the end.

Overall Impression: Yes, this does need time and patience, but it rewards accordingly and is a very nice dram.



JWWW "Old Train Line", Coleburn, 26y, Oct 1983-May 2010, 47.4% ABV

Typical cost of this bottle; to

Dram-atics "Advent-urous" live review


Glass: Classic Malt

Colour: Rich yellow-gold with a hint of oak

Nose: An Alpine meadow in full Spring blossom along with aromatic mountain cheese, more herbs and a slightly floral hint of mint. This is a truly perfumed meadow!

Palate: Malt and butterscotch are first to appear, followed by grasses, a hint of that Alpine meadow and some slightly dry orange.

With 4 drops of water: The nose is even more intense with those very floral herb elements, whereas the palate is softer, more gentle, lighter and just more relaxed.

Finish: Long, slightly dry, but very fruity.

Overall Impression: A delightful dram, I love it!




David Stirk, Exclusive Malts,, 26y, distilled 18.10.1983, 59.4% ABV

Cask 1463, one of 209 bottles

Typical cost of this bottle;


Glass: Classic Malt

Colour: Pale yellow gold

Nose: Warming pastry, very warming. Then floral and fruity with just a hint of furniture polish. after some minutes a light leatheriness begins to develop (think top quality Italian soft leather shoes). After more minutes a fruity grassiness begins to take over and after yet more time this develops into really quite floral marshmallow.

Palate: Light and grassy in a quite herbal kind of way.

With 3 drops of water: Much more vanilla on the nose whereas the palate is sweeter with more fruitiness and less grassiness. Marshmallow, definitely marshmallow.

Finish: Long, very long with water.

Overall Impression: A very good whisky which once again needs time, patience and a few drops of water.












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