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Carsebridge distillery was founded in 1799 after John Bald had been granted a lease a year earlier to operate a distillery "near the Carse bridge in the parish of Alloa". Originally he designed and built the distillery to produce malt whisky but in 1852 Carsebridge was converted into a grain whisky distillery by John's son Robert who saw the need for more grain whisky as blended whisky was becoming more popular. He installed two coffey stills and Carsebridge was transformed into the second largest producer of grain whisky in Scotland, behind only Caledonian in Edinburgh.


Timeline: Founded by John Bald in 1799, taken over by John's 2nd son (John Bald II) in 1846 under the company name John Bald % Co., converted to a grain distillery in 1852, in 1877 it was one of the founding distilleries of the DCL organisation, 1966 saw the distillery being transferred to Single Grain Distillers (SGD).

Carsebridge was closed during the economic downturn of 1983 after being taken over by Guinness (Diageo) and the buildings were demolished in the 90's. The site is still owned by Diageo.











The Grainman, Carsebridge, 33y, 48.9%ABV

Distilled 12.1982, bottled 03.2016

Bourbon Cask No.74679, one of 258 bottles

Typical cost of this bottle; Unknown


Glass: Classic Malt

Colour: Pale yellow

Nose: Lots of fruitiness with a lightly smoky background. The suggestions of butterscotch or toffee immediately remind me of the travelling funfairs of my childhood and the stands selling sweet things like brandy snap. There's also a freshness about this dram which in turn suggests the cough drop sweets also of my childhood.

Palate: Sweet and fruity with plenty of apricot-ness. Sadly no childhood memories of brandy snap and cough drops here.

With 3 drops of water: All the same aromas and flavours but just weaker.

Finish: Long and fruity.

Overall Impression: I love the childhood memories of the nose but the palate lets this one down a little. Nice and rather different.








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