Braeval / Braes of Glenlivet


Braeval distillery which was formerly known as Braes of Glenlivet is located in the Speyside town of Chapeltown, Ballindalloch, Banffshire.

Braeval was founded in 1974 by Chivas Bro's (then Seagram) who expanded it from three to five stills in 1975, then a sixth was added in 1978.

The distillery was mothballed in 2002, but reopened and resumed production in 2008. Chivas Bro's are now part of Pernod Ricard.


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  Braeval   General whisky characteristics: Dark fruits, rich, but not overbearing  

D. Laing "Old Malt Cask" Braeval, Cask 4580, 12y, 50% ABV

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"Dram-atics" live review


Glass: Classic Malt

Colour: Teak

Nose: Rich dark fruits (currants, raisins, plums), lots of well polished aged oak, but also a freshness which is a cross between tea leaves and straw.

Palate: The palate also has a rich character but is incredibly smooth and if anything just slightly lighter than the promises made by the nose.There are raisins and plums, old oak and a slightly dry, dark sherry (if that's possible?)

With 4 drops of water: The nose is slightly smoother and the palate is a little more intense with slightly peppery sherry and wood. It's no longer so fruity but there is a slight flavour of dark, high percentage chocolate (somewhere around 85%).

Finish: I originally thought the finish was a little short, but this was soon corrected on my second taste which provided a much longer, richer sensation. After adding water the dark chocolate also appeared in the finish.

Overall Impression: A very good sherry cask whisky with a few surprises along the way. I love that chocolate!




  Braes of Glenlivet General whisky characteristics: Gentle and sweetly floral  

Wieser, Braes of Glenlivet,  distilled 19.5.1989, bottled 22.4.2005, 15y, cask 988, 61.7% ABV

'Vintage Cask' series

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Nose: Soft wild flowers - reminiscent of an Alpine Meadow in Spring-time

Palate: This one is very fresh on the palate and it also turns quite sharp, but remains floral. Quite unusual.

Finish: Very long.

Overall Impression: A quite enjoyable but different dram.










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