Aultmore distillery is located in Keith, Banffshire and was founded in 1986 but unfortunately, it was closed soon after opening due to a downturn in the industry.

It reopened around 1903 but closed once again thanks to the supply shortages of WWI.

1923 Saw it being purchased by John Dewar who in turn, became part of DCL in 1925.

Aultmore was expanded in 1971 and then sold onwards to United Distillers (who became part of Diageo).


In one of those amazing coincidences Aultmore was sold to Bacardi in 1998 and since then has been run by their subsidiary John Dewar & Sons. Yes, the sefl-same company who originally bought the distillery in 1923.

The distillery utilises 4 stills (2 wash & 2 spirit) and has a capacity of around 2.1 million litres of pure alcohol per year.



General whisky characteristics: Herbs & spices



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  OB - Original Distillery Bottlings  

Aultmore, 12y, 40% ABV

Original cost of this bottle;


Nose: An initial hint of liquorice turns into a more vivid 'herbs du Provence'.

Palate: This whisky has stood for a while in my study which is kept on the cool side, therefore, the whisky is just a little too cool. It is now being hand warmed to a more normal room temperature. However, that first cool sip started slowly and then burst into a refreshingly spicy herbal liquorice assortment. Hand warming: As it sits gently warming in my hand the herbal influence of the nose increaes slightly, although the spicy explosion on the palate decreases when it reaches room temperature.

Overall impression: As I mentioned, this whisky starts slowly, but the aftertaste is long and strong, almost like a delayed reaction. I am now wondering if 40% is enough, I think this would be a much more enjoyable dram at 43-46%, maybe even as high as 50%. This is a quite pleasant dram, but not one which could enter the hall of fame as a great. I would also be interested in finding a food match for this at one of my gourmet evenings. Perhaps alongside a spicy Italian first course, or maybe even with a mild Penne Arabbiata.





Aultmore, Exceptional Cask Series, 33y, 53.3% ABV

Finished for 9 months in Sherry wood

Distilled 23.11.83, bottled 13.12.2016

Bottle No.591 of 678

Original cost of this bottle; Unknown


Glass: Classic Malt

Colour: Bright rich yellow gold

Nose: Intense with lots of fruitiness reminding me of peach, apricot and primarily cantaloupe melon alongside suggestions of (older) leather.

Palate: Initially spreading across the palate with a strong suggestion of that leatheriness from the nose, followed by the intense fruitiness. I'm thinking this may benefit from water.

4 Drops of water: The leatheriness has gone from the nose leaving musty fruitiness. The palate is less intense (ABV?) and has lots of lovely fruitiness.

Finish: Long and fruity with or without water.

Overall impression: Most enjoyable.




  IB - Independent Bottlings  

Bladnoch Forum, Aultmore, 28y, 53.5% ABV

Distilled 25th May 1982, bottled 6th Aug. 2010

Original cost of this bottle;

Live Dram-atics review


Glass: Classic Malt

Colour: Rich dark oak

Nose: Very aromatic with liquorice and lightly perfumed herbs. Overall quite sweet.

Palate: Smooth whilst retaining a slight pepperiness (white pepper) which is followed by that coconut from the nose and some sweet wood.

Finish: Long and sweet with more coconut.

Overall impression: Very, very good.




Master of Malt, Aultmore, 5y, 12.3.2007 - 05-2012, 66.8% ABV

Single Cask Series, first fill sherry puncheon, bottle 251 of 628

Original cost of this bottle;

Reviewed (blind) as part of MMA 2012


Glass: Classic Malt

Colour: Glowing amber

Nose: (Dry?) leafy vanilla, yes quite a dry sensation. A little difficult too; fruity? Not quite, musty? Not quite, floral? Maybe-ish....

Palate: Oooh a wonderfully creamy (and smooth) mouth-feel followed quickly by a massively intense tingle and burst of pepperiness. Also pretty well everything from the nose appears on the palate.

Finish: Extremely long, floral, perfumed and very nice indeed.

Overall impression: Wow, the nose was a little difficult (for me), whereas the palate was just enormous. This is big, very big, very intense and very very good. Only 5 years old too.



D. Laing XOP, Aultmore, 25y, 54.4% ABV

Distilled Feb. 1990, bottled Feb. 2016

Sherry Butt Ref. 11066, one of 302 bottles

Original cost of this bottle;


Glass: Classic Malt

Colour: Treacle toffee

Nose: Lots of sherry notes, furniture polish, prunes and marzipan. It's rich and luxurious.

Palate: It's sweet and rich with suggestions of sherry, marzipan and dark fruits like prunes.

Finish: Extremely long, concentrated on back of palate.

Overall impression: Aultmore? Totally bloody amazing.








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